A new dawn for democracy?

THE ninth day of May 2018 will be etched in the memories of those who enabled and witnessed Malaysian political history. The initial stirrings of concern and caution unfolding to emotions of sadness and/or euphoria; the disbelief evolving to acceptance;... more »

An X (or Ex) for institutional renewal?

MANY recent elections around the world have been described as defining events for nations ‘at a crossroads’, or as ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunities’ for citizens to determine their societies’ onward journeys. This was certainly the case for both the 2014 referendum on... more »

The legacy of political veterans

THE funeral of Tan Sri Napsiah Omar Tuesday last week brought together mourners from the royal family, politicians from across the divide and civil society. Joining the Tunku Besar Seri Menanti Tunku Ali Redhauddin at Surau Tuanku Muhriz in Kampung... more »

Our Commonwealth value … and values

MALAYSIA won seven gold, five silver, and 12 bronze medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Australia’s Gold Coast, placing us 12th among the 71 teams competing (even though there are 53 members of the Commonwealth, since some constituent... more »

Whose future will manifest?

BOTH the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan manifestos for the 14th general election make optimistic reading. If either of them were implemented in their entirety over the next five years, the country would, on balance, be a better place. Inevitably,... more »

An all too-real anti-fake news bill

THE Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) has expressed “strong reservations on the recently tabled Anti-Fake News Bill 2018, suggesting that while the government’s stated intention is to safeguard the public against the spread of fake news, it may... more »

Aquatic equanimity

I WAS looking for the word to best describe my recent travels on water. How does one encapsulate the uniquely therapeutic effect of the continuous sound of the sea being splashed by a murmuring vessel as it makes its path?... more »
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