Careful observations

I WAS at SMK Bukit Bandaraya in Lembah Pantai on Nomination Day (last Saturday), wearing my official SPR Pemerhati (EC-accredited observer) T-shirt and lanyard. Unfortunately I can’t talk about any irregularities that I might (or might not!) have seen on... more »

Clapping for Malaysia

PRIOR to last week the only school I had visited in Perak was the Malay College Kuala Kangsar: to speak at their Youth Development Summit and to see their robotics club get underway prior to a world robotics competition in... more »

A conviction politicianI

BUMPED into Margaret Thatcher once, almost literally. It was November 2004, and while pursuing my Master’s at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I was an intern in the British House of Lords for a crossbencher (a member... more »

Back the bid

THE Tuanku Muhriz Trophy Squash Championship has taken place before, but this year it was a leg of the Malaysian Tour Squash Circuit spearheaded by our former world number 10 Azlan Iskandar. With the CIMB KL Open Squash Championship occurring... more »

Apo nak dikato?

EVERY Friday, the Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan prays at a different mosque within the Luak Tanah Mengandong, and the local MP and ADUN are invited together with mosque officials to lunch at Istana Besar afterwards. The sole non-Umno representative... more »

Maximum warp

AFTER biting into a white chocolate and raspberry biscuit I was recently offered, my brain instantly replayed old memories based on a similar taste, but I could not pinpoint specifically why. Minutes later I exclaimed: “Jammie Dodgers!” – the popular... more »

Visit a museum today!

BACK in April 2012 part of the old Istana Negara – comprising the Balairong Seri – was opened for the Raja Kita exhibition. I went to have a look, and agreed entirely with the concept: there is no better place... more »

Remember sacrifice and sovereignty

The following is an extract of a speech delivered at the Battle of Gemencheh Bridge Remembrance Ceremony. WE gather yesterday to remember a significant battle of World War II in Asia: the Battle of Gemencheh Bridge, which took place on... more »
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