Apo nak dikato?

EVERY Friday, the Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan prays at a different mosque within the Luak Tanah Mengandong, and the local MP and ADUN are invited together with mosque officials to lunch at Istana Besar afterwards. The sole non-Umno representative... more »

Maximum warp

AFTER biting into a white chocolate and raspberry biscuit I was recently offered, my brain instantly replayed old memories based on a similar taste, but I could not pinpoint specifically why. Minutes later I exclaimed: “Jammie Dodgers!” – the popular... more »

Visit a museum today!

BACK in April 2012 part of the old Istana Negara – comprising the Balairong Seri – was opened for the Raja Kita exhibition. I went to have a look, and agreed entirely with the concept: there is no better place... more »

Remember sacrifice and sovereignty

The following is an extract of a speech delivered at the Battle of Gemencheh Bridge Remembrance Ceremony. WE gather yesterday to remember a significant battle of World War II in Asia: the Battle of Gemencheh Bridge, which took place on... more »

Honourable company in east education

THE invitation card for the official opening ceremony of Marlborough College Malaysia last Sunday claimed that after the ‘Lagu Bangsa Johor’, the Johor state mufti and the Bishop of West Malaysia would both say prayers. That did not materialise, but... more »

Parents know best

THE last time I made a public stand on education, I was criticised by a group of people who said that I had no right to talk about our national education policy: because I went to “expensive private schools”, I... more »

Which way slither?

GONG Xi Fa Chai! I was in the federal capital the entire weekend, taking advantage of the relatively empty roads to quickly criss-cross to various open houses. As usual there were boundless quantities of food, and for the second year... more »
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