Bridging over shutdowns

IN September 2013, I began my travels across the United States of America on the Eisenhower Fellowship: an initiative that began in 1953 as an international leader exchange programme for non-Americans to better understand the US, and for Americans to... more »

An exposition of freer trade

IN 1851, the Great Exhibition was held in London, with the purpose-built Crystal Palace (the structure with the greatest area of glass ever seen) housing a triumphalist display of British industry, science and culture. Co-organised by Prince Albert, the event... more »

Individual success for the nation

MY second last speaking engagement of the year was to about 100 Malaysian civil servants in a seminar session entitled ‘Young leaders shaping the future of global society’. I was glad to be speaking ahead of my two co-panellists (an... more »

Crowning change

(Warning: contains spoilers for ‘The Crown’) THERE are four little nuggets for Malaysians to enjoy in season two of ‘The Crown’. The first comes in the first episode when Queen Elizabeth guesses her husband’s whereabouts during his five-month solo tour.... more »

Riding the wave

THE final board meetings for the year for the two public listed companies I sit on took place in the second half of November. Being an independent director carries increasingly heavy fiduciary duties and the penalties for failing to uphold... more »

Malaysia’s democratic roots

IN discussing democratic transitions in the Muslim world, its intellectual justifications and today’s geopolitical realities, we should remember relevant historical experiences. For some, reclaiming the Islamic Golden Age means subjugating people by force. For others, it means creating conditions that... more »
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