At the centre of the fringe

THE Rainforest Fringe Festival had its debut this year, advertised as a “10-day spectacle in the heart of Kuching” from July 7-16, ending concurrently with the Rainforest World Music Festival (this year celebrating its 20th anniversary) from today until Sunday... more »

Service to be acknowledged

MUCH attention was brought to worthy causes during Ramadan: from feeding the homeless, providing shelter to the needy, offering medical services to orphans, to simply preparing and handing out Raya hampers to those who might never otherwise be gifted them.... more »

Keeping Raya authentic

IT is the time of year to be comforted by the rituals of Raya: to visit the graves of ancestors and lost loved ones, to seek forgiveness from family and friends, to takbir and pray with familiar faces at the... more »

Into the heart of Negeri Sembilan

IT is during Ramadan that I am most intimate with the heart of Negeri Sembilan, even though the schedule of board meetings for companies, foundations and societies carries on unabated in Kuala Lumpur. As each year passes, I become ever... more »

Preventing election backfires

YOU might have thought that if, after a general election to a national legislature, candidates representing Party A secured 318 out of the available 650 seats, while Party B’s candidates won 262 seats, the former would be the winner, and... more »

Responding to terror

IT was only two and a half months ago on March 22 that London suffered a terrorist attack at Westminster, when a man rammed pedestrians on Westminster Bridge with an SUV en route to the Houses of Parliament, where he... more »

The Tunku’s Timeless Principles

GETTING celebrities to endorse a political campaign is an understandably attractive strategy for politicians. Advertisers pay tens of thousands for social media posts, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers and undoubtedly more if the post is shared and goes viral... more »

Pre-Ramadan diary

THE week before Ramadan began with a novelty shooting event organised by the Royal Signals Regiment (of which the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan is Colonel-in-Chief). While it was fun shooting revolving clay ducks and balloons with a variety... more »
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