Preventing election backfires

YOU might have thought that if, after a general election to a national legislature, candidates representing Party A secured 318 out of the available 650 seats, while Party B’s candidates won 262 seats, the former would be the winner, and... more »

Responding to terror

IT was only two and a half months ago on March 22 that London suffered a terrorist attack at Westminster, when a man rammed pedestrians on Westminster Bridge with an SUV en route to the Houses of Parliament, where he... more »

The Tunku’s Timeless Principles

GETTING celebrities to endorse a political campaign is an understandably attractive strategy for politicians. Advertisers pay tens of thousands for social media posts, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers and undoubtedly more if the post is shared and goes viral... more »

Pre-Ramadan diary

THE week before Ramadan began with a novelty shooting event organised by the Royal Signals Regiment (of which the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan is Colonel-in-Chief). While it was fun shooting revolving clay ducks and balloons with a variety... more »

Cultures of diplomacy

IT’S a treat to build on old friendships after years of absence. Nowadays people who were once best mates in the same class can be working across the globe, so it’s a rare treat when they are able to converge... more »

Hooray for the judiciary

ON recent occasions where I’ve been asked to speak on our Federal Constitution, I have quoted five legal luminaries from our history: Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sultan Azlan Shah, Tun Mohamed Suffian and Raja Aziz Addruse.  Confusion sometimes... more »

Glimpsing the Land of the Rising Sun

THE mind works differently when visiting a country you know nothing about, compared to one you think you know something about. In the case of the former, one accepts every new experience as one of discovery. In the case of... more »

Seeking peaceful transitions

PSEPHOLOGISTS and analysts are having a field day with recent and ongoing elections: finding lessons that can be learnt, identifying trends that could replicate in other places or might have global repercussions. Jakarta has elected a new governor, after a... more »
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