Edge of Town

  • Permission to pray…and play?

    The current Najib administration, so they say, is aiming to ‘transform’ this ol’ country of ours. One of […]

  • Clueless lemmings

    For the first time in my life, I found myself in Miri in mid-week, meeting up with colleagues […]

  • The law is an…

    Article 10 (1)(b) of the Federal Constitution of  Malaysia states that “all citizens have the right to assemble […]

  • Blame it on the sun

    In this country of perpetual summer that we live in, many of us really should spend less time […]

  • The myth of academic freedom

    ACADEMIC freedom in Malaysia, for as long as I can remember, based on my quite lengthy experience in […]

  • Love and hate

    THERE is this myth most of us buy into that what really distinguishes humans from animals is our […]

  • Spend, spend, spend … our money

    HE wasn’t joking really, my expatriate colleague, when he shot me an email suggesting that this week’s column […]

  • Academic freedom?

    THE man is an acknowledged authority in his field, a true expert in a profession (and country) renowned […]

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