Permission to pray…and play?

The current Najib administration, so they say, is aiming to ‘transform’ this ol’ country of ours. One of the ways they are doing this – so, again, they say – is to relook, amend and, possibly, repeal some of the... more »

Clueless lemmings

For the first time in my life, I found myself in Miri in mid-week, meeting up with colleagues – and new found friends – at an enjoyable colloquium organised by Curtin University Sarawak Campus. After the madness of events leading... more »

The law is an…

Article 10 (1)(b) of the Federal Constitution of  Malaysia states that “all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably without arms.” But, presumably during one of the many times our Constitution has been amended – nay, tampered with – this... more »

Blame it on the sun

In this country of perpetual summer that we live in, many of us really should spend less time in the sun. Indeed, while I’m not sure if there’s any medical or scientific evidence to back it up, but it’s often... more »

The myth of academic freedom

ACADEMIC freedom in Malaysia, for as long as I can remember, based on my quite lengthy experience in the public university sector, is very much a myth, similar to the myth of media freedom and the myth of freedom of... more »

Love and hate

THERE is this myth most of us buy into that what really distinguishes humans from animals is our ability to feel kindness and compassion for the marginalised, the less fortunate, the disadvantaged. Indeed, this myth is central to much of... more »

Spend, spend, spend … our money

HE wasn’t joking really, my expatriate colleague, when he shot me an email suggesting that this week’s column takes “a look at the way Jackie (my long-suffering wife) comes home with baked beans costing four times the price on the... more »

Academic freedom?

THE man is an acknowledged authority in his field, a true expert in a profession (and country) renowned for its ever-present ‘kangkungs’. He writes – and speaks – critically, many say, without fear or favour. Early last week, the man,... more »
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