Wang Xiao Er’s New Year

STEPPING into 2016, what is foremost on your mind? Get a second job? “Tidak cukup!” (not enough), our Chief Minister repeated it as he vented his frustration over the measly federal allocations to Sarawak in winding up the Budget 2016... more »

Hope 2016: Let Sarawak rumble

WHEN the special leaf-shaped gavel was brought down to the sound block to signify the adoption of the ‘Paris Agreement’ – a universal agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change –... more »

Small Is Beautiful: The People Matter

IN our distorted democracy, many will inevitably question why an opposition legislative member would agree with the ruling executive on an administrative decision. Sure, there is plenty for any opposition lawmaker to say and write to criticise the ruling government... more »

Defender of native rights and environment

MAHATMA Gandhi has had a strong presence in Sarawak this week. Attending the World Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebrated in Kuching with members of the various indigenous communities from Sabah, West Malaysia and Sarawak over the weekend, the guest of honour... more »
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