A New Dawn

722 is a special day for Sarawakians. LS was assigned to cover the event at the Song Kheng Hai Ground. Keeping pace with Edmund, her Usain Bolt look-alike athletic colleague, she ran the full length and breadth of the former... more »

The Legal Owls

JASMINE and Oliver are two lucky law students from Sarawak who have made it to the Court of Appeal to witness senior lawyer Datuk Dr Cyrus Das making submission on constitutional law before three sitting learned judges. For almost two... more »

Fishing and the fishy gaming houses

GO Fishing, anyone? Chong, the fishing enthusiast, is excited and raring to test Frankie’s newly acquired fishing boat. I can only watch in amazement how quick he can gather and arrange a party for the fishing trip. Fresh on my... more »

A new leaf of Parliamentary Reform

HAVE you watched the YouTube clip of Margaret Thatcher walking like James Bond with the 007 theme song playing in the background? Unlike the super spy who turned to the camera to fire shots, the former UK Prime Minister turned... more »

Where is our money?

AT the UMNO Supreme Council meeting to celebrate the party’s anniversary recently, a VP told a story to entertain the president. He narrated: “A father gave RM100 each to his three sons and asked them to buy things and fill up... more »

No one wants to be lonely

A language is rich when it can distinguish two words that are always taken to mean the other. Try hit the Shift F7 keys for “loneliness” and “solitude” on the keyboard. That is easy to find the answers. But, loneliness... more »

Reformist Chief Minister?

“I AM so sorry about this. But I must file this private member’s motion to discuss a definite matter of urgent public importance.” I had to run into the Secretariat of the State Assembly because the clock in Dr Andrew’s... more »
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