A tale of two edifices

YAY! The Palace of Westminster! Standing in front of the majestic Palace of Westminster built on the bank of River Thames in the City of Westminster, central London, the gloomy winter afternoon did not in the least dampen my spirit... more »

It’s no secret

A MISSTEP of poor governance is always a spoiler to the breakfast coffee. In fact, it can be hazardous to the health of a political worker. Wong was all pale as he stood up hurriedly. “Anne called. We need to... more »

The Hope for 2015

IT is another Eve of New Year. We are again coming to the crossroad. Our nation stares at the uncertainties and challenges as the new year 2015 looms large. Our Malaysian Ringgit is free-falling – to more than 3.50 against the... more »

Christmas — A time of Hope

INITIALLY, it was a working trip, but arrival in Kampung Rejoi at the upper reach of Bengoh Range in heavy shower was quickly turned into the most memorable Christmas I have had. It was back in 2009, six hours’ trekking... more »
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