A Game of Votes

    No vote buying, petty political games or political Game of Thrones chatter. Instead, let us look, with non partisan eyes, at voters, through that old Game Theory so beloved of political analysts and mathematicians alike. What is Game Theory? In... more »

    There’s a future in arts management

    AS jobs and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are all the rage, we tend to forget figures across history who have achieved great success in arts management such as Massimiliano Gioni, Rose Lee Goldberg, Paul Schimmel and many... more »

    Imagine a dengue-free Malaysia

    A recent series of reports on the media on the dengue epidemic suggested that the Ministry of Health (MOH) was running out of ideas to manage the ongoing crisis. The suggestions were that MOH had failed and needed to take... more »

    Sarawak: Political reform and autonomy

    Thomas Ong (Borneo Post, Oct 4, ‘Road to Reform, Autonomy and Fashion or Political Statement’ ) made some interesting observations on political reforms and autonomy for Sarawak. He also made an acute reference to politics of promises made by federal... more »
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