Sarawak: Political reform and autonomy

    Thomas Ong (Borneo Post, Oct 4, ‘Road to Reform, Autonomy and Fashion or Political Statement’ ) made some interesting observations on political reforms and autonomy for Sarawak. He also made an acute reference to politics of promises made by federal... more »

    Use festive occasions to strengthen bonds

    AS Malaysian Muslims are in the midst of celebrating another Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Malaysians of other races and religions should use the festive occasion to further strengthen the bonds of friendship, inter-racial and inter-religious harmony in the true spirit of... more »

    Sarawak Goal of Self-Government

    Dear Editor, Sarawak is proud as the State with the oldest Legislature (Council Negeri) established on 8th September 1867 and with the earliest written Constitution of about one century. This written Constitution was enacted in November 1941 as Sarawak constitution... more »

    Open letter to Bloomberg 

    When I read William Pesek’s latest commentary on Bloomberg View, I barely recognised the country he was writing about. He starts by referring to Malaysia’s “underlying economic distress” and “prolonged slow growth”, which he says are caused by “race-based policies... more »
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