In the realms of Vulcan

AS a callow youth, I often referred to old men as ‘geezers’! Little did I know then that I would be lecturing about a natural phenomenon with the same pronunciation – geysers – erupting hot springs! Geysers, not surprisingly, are... more »

Nature’s weather forecasters

WHILST we may have sophisticated instruments, including satellite information, and high-tech computers to provide meteorologists we see on TV to give us with a three- to five-day weather forecast, animals, insects, birds and plants are actually very good short-term forecasters.... more »

Nocturnal flutterers

RECENTLY, one summer’s evening, whilst I was working late on my laptop, my dog shot upright from her bed and something fluttered across my vision. Thinking that my eyesight was failing or that I was ‘going batty’, I was 70... more »
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