Nocturnal flutterers

RECENTLY, one summer’s evening, whilst I was working late on my laptop, my dog shot upright from her bed and something fluttered across my vision. Thinking that my eyesight was failing or that I was ‘going batty’, I was 70... more »

The Medusae of our oceans

WHETHER visiting beaches in tropical or temperate waters, at certain times of the year do heed the warning sign posted: ‘Beware of Jellyfish!’ Nearby, there is usually a first aid post containing a spray-on bottle of household vinegar labelled, ‘For... more »

Hedgehogs and moonrats

WHAT, you may well ask, have such two different mammals in common? One a spikey creature and the other smooth, with rat-like features. The answer is very simple. Neither is a rodent, for one is not a pig and the... more »

Melting ice and rising sea levels

THE Arctic Ocean ice sheet first began to form approximately three million years ago, but actually it has never been thicker than three metres, as a rule. There are exceptions where the ice is crushed down to a depth of... more »
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