Water music — Sounds and Sights

DURING my daily walks with my adopted hunting dog along the banks of a local river, under azure blue skies and in absolutely still air, I have watched peregrine falcons hover overhead and then spin vertically to catch their prey... more »

The tale of the twisters

SOME of nature’s most beautiful patterns are river meanders, especially when seen as sinuous curves while flying several thousand metres above Sarawak. This sinuosity can equally be experienced on a Sarawak River cruise or in a longboat along the Kinabatangan... more »

Wallace and the Sarawak Law

ON Nov 1, 1854, Alfred Russel Wallace arrived in Kuching after a brief spell recovering from a shipwreck on his return to England following his explorations of Brazil between 1848 and 1852. In 1855, after just a year in Sarawak... more »

Meteotsunamis – the ticking time bombs

WE all know about tsunamis by earthquakes or other seismic activities. Their destructive capabilities were well documented in the devastation of Banda Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia, on Dec 26, 2004. In Japanese, tsunami means a big wave in a harbour. On... more »

A living fossil

HOW much do we really know about the elusive Malaysian pangolin (Manis javanica)? The name pangolin was first coined in 1734 from the Malay word pengguling, which means rolling up into a ball.

Haze – brown clouds

THE acrid smell of the air and its pungent taste invaded after the drying weeks in September and the first week of October in Kuching. (In the past couple of weeks though the storms have washed Kuching’s air clean.) These... more »

Nebulus, nebuli

THE title of this article sounds like it came from the chorus lines of an Italian opera. From the Latin word nebulus, we have the English word nebulous or cloudy. In many regions in England, spoken in local dialects (as... more »
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