Sarawak’s soil system

WHAT is our earth really like underneath the concrete and tarmac? What sort of soils do we have in gardens and what are their origins? Pedology –the scientific study of soils – is not for the faint-hearted.

The elusive Borneo pygmy elephant

IT was in conversation with a former student of mine that my thoughts drifted towards this article. Dr Kate Evans has been working in Botswana, with her husband, in researching the behaviour and patterns of movement of African elephants for... more »

Keeping to the Cites agreement

MY last article waxed lyrical on the plight of sun bears and clouded leopards, two of many threatened species of animals which make our huge island unique. There are so many others to write about but I shall mention just... more »

Protecting endangered species

THE relatively recent The Borneo Post articles on coral reef clearance in Sematan and the success of wildlife rangers and Sarawak Forestry in seizing an orang-utan, clouded leopards and hornbills from poachers in Bau reminded me of the privileged wildlife... more »

A deer tale

IN recent weeks, I have seen two species of European deer: the artifi cial ones decorating shopping malls in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK with their glittering lights towing Santa’s sleigh, as well as two live deer in the fi... more »
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