Natural drones – dragonflies

GENERALLY interesting in its continuous wing flapping and hovering motions when airborne, the true beauty of a dragonfly is best displayed after it has alighted on a leaf or plant stem. Apart from butterflies, these mainly day-flying insects attract more... more »

Topsy-turvy weather confuses plants and animals

MODERN meteorological jargon includes such terms as ‘snow-bombs’, ‘storm-bombs’, ‘bomb-cyclones’, but, as yet, does not include ‘heat-bombs’. On Jan 7, Sydney, Australia recorded its highest temperature, at 47 degrees Celsius, since 1938. Flying fox bats, mammals like ourselves, collapsed and... more »

Topsy-turvy weather in 2017?

SEASONAL changes in our weather patterns seem to have disappeared in whatever climate zone we may appear in atlases, but we should not confuse the vagaries of our weather with climate. As a long-time supporter of Manchester United, I especially... more »

The sheer magic of the mangroves

WHERE tropical riverine freshwater and salty water meet, mangroves appear less colourful than coral reefs and thus attract much less attention. Fringing the sea, they are massive energy soaks of the destructive forces of storms, cyclones, even tsunamis, yet provide... more »

Gunung Agung’s impending blasts

KRAKATOA’S eruption in 1893 is well documented as its explosion ejected volcanic ash to a height of 32,000 metres. Such atmospheric pollution saw a decrease in solar radiation received on the earth’s surface by up to 20 per cent and... more »
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