PBB convention closely watched

MIRI: All eyes would be on the nominations for the posts of two senior vice presidents, four vice-presidents and members of the Supreme Council of Sarawak’s BN lynchpin Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) when nomination closes today. It is a... more »

The dangers of sugar and obesity

LOOKING at the fact Malaysia has earned the dubious honour of having the highest obesity prevalence in Southeast Asia, I am compelled to write on the dangers posed by excessive sugar intake by Malaysians. My concern is based on the... more »

GDP: Gross Domestic Problem?

IT can topple governments, confer international bragging rights and pretty much obsessed the government of China once the country began its long march back to economic prowess. But is GDP (gross domestic product) outliving its usefulness as a metric of... more »
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