Starting them young on integrity matters

KUALA LUMPUR: Believing that the enculturation of integrity has to start young, the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (Integrity) has created a preschool integrity module to encourage children to assimilate its values and practices. The module will be implemented in selected... more »

Go to the real experts

WANT IT cheap and fast, never mind even if it is not safe! This is what best sums up the attitude of some in the community who seek treatment at the expense of their safety and well-being. The media has... more »

Britain’s mess extends beyond Brexit

Britain-ever-ready to boast stable politics and a faultless, often-called ‘Rolls Royce’ civil service – is in a mess. Between scandals over sex, secret meetings, political donors and the royal family, the government is melting down. The country’s own newspapers say... more »
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