Management intervention in workplace romances

HOLLYWOOD had Mel Gibson doing it in the movie ‘What Women Want’ and Bollywood had Priyanka Chopra doing it in ‘Aitraaz’. Chances are someone in your organisation is doing it too. According to various research reports, workplace romances between co-workers... more »

Demystifying Innovation

Innovation is a continuous human aspiration and to reach this level of sophistication meant that it took us generations of human evolution to fight wars, diseases, ignorance, prejudice and apathy. To innovate is to hold three philosophies: self-preservation, community preservation... more »

Thebg Game Boyz and their Sarawalk

TIMOTHY Tan Zheng Chuang was one of the more quiet participants at Angkatan Zaman Mansang (Azam) Sarawak’s Youth Engaged in Social Innovation, Service, Education and Entrepreneurship (YES I SEE) camp, which was held in Lundu last December.
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