Dear Editor,

Thankyou for highlighting the plight of Serian residents in your article on July 28. It is about time somebody did something about it. I wish you had front-paged it. Traders are the king in Serian instead of the public. It... more »

Worries and anxieties

Worrying is part and parcel of our lives whether we like it or not. We have the tendency to worry about things that are going to happen or things that we think are going to happen. It is natural for... more »

Nipping a problem in the bud

I DON’T know how serious the problem is – allegedly caused by the so-called China Dolls who come to the state on tourist visas but somehow or other masquerade as health workers in local spas and as experts in foot... more »

To cull or not to cull

YESTERDAY newspaper headline ‘Croc hunters have gone home’ is such a poignant note. It carries an air of lack of resolve, of defeatism and most of all, abandonment.

Getting off the human-trafficking watch list

HUMAN trafficking is a universal problem affecting some countries more than others but sparing none. Victims are recruited and circulated within their own countries, if not exported to foreign lands, on sugar-coated promises of milk and honey. Very often, offers... more »

Turning to Ah Longs at your own peril

WHEN legal lending institutions get tight-fisted during lean times, people who are hard up and have no way to turn, will gladly risk life and limb swimming with loan sharks (Ah Longs), knowing full well they could get badly bitten... more »
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