Palm oil activists recycling same old story

MALAYSIA should stop apologising for making palm oil a mainstay of its economy. Cultivation of this crop not only helps sustain the country’s socio-economic development but also ensures its self-same survival in an increasingly competitive world. The latest anti-palm oil... more »

The voters have spoken

THE results of yesterday’s polls speak for themselves. Norm demands that the winners in any contest, political contest included, ought to be congratulated, and that the losers must be consoled with words of encouragement sincerely offered. To my friends who... more »

It has only just begun

BY the time you read this, that momentous event, the Sarawak elections, would have been done and dusted. Of course there were tears, and I dare say, quite a few quiet sniggers as well. Naturally, for the losers there were... more »

Texting while driving should be banned

THE cellular phone has opened up a lot of possibilities for person-to-person contact, among other conveniences. But when it comes to road safety, the gadget could be considered a hazard, especially after the introduction of Short Message Service (SMS). Ever... more »

Demystifying Innovation

Innovation is a continuous human aspiration and to reach this level of sophistication meant that it took us generations of human evolution to fight wars, diseases, ignorance, prejudice and apathy. To innovate is to hold three philosophies: self-preservation, community preservation... more »

Who needs Television?

THAT piece, two weeks ago, about my first day in school in Kuching drew a number of comments, mostly complimentary. I must acknowledge them with thanks right here and now.

Pumpkin, oranges and lemons

I HAVE been trying to avoid mentioning and writing about you-know-what, but how could I? The whole city, nay the whole state, is buzzing with information and misinformation about the manoeuvring concerning this battle royale.
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