Service to be acknowledged

MUCH attention was brought to worthy causes during Ramadan: from feeding the homeless, providing shelter to the needy, offering medical services to orphans, to simply preparing and handing out Raya hampers to those who might never otherwise be gifted them.... more »

Waste not want not

I GREW up in a family of handymen. My father was an electrical engineer by profession. He was also a foreman, tin miner and bicycle shop proprietor before that. Coming from a poor family, he had to work his way... more »

The coral reef ‘nibbler’

THE Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has published numerous papers on the causes of the devastation of coral reefs not only in Australia but in the Indo-Pacific oceanic region. We know that the major destroyer of coral is climate... more »

Lest we forget

IF you are a Malaysian born 23 years ago, you were born at a time when your country was losing a lot of money through its dealings in the foreign exchange market. You were born at the wrong time but... more »
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