Instituting institutional hope

AFTER the electoral tsunami, the political volcano has been spewing ceaselessly with the lava of change. We barely have time to absorb one eruption before the next occurs: as I write, the loudest has been the release of Datuk Seri... more »

The lure of mountains and high places

IN most faiths, mountains are revered as the home of deities and thus should be respected. Atheists also respect mountain summits for various reasons. Whatever one’s belief, when reaching the summit of a mountain and catching one’s breath, there is... more »

My day at the polls

MY wife and I would not have missed the 14th general election for anything. It was a chance for us to collectively decide with other eligible citizens the leadership of the country for the next five years. We had it... more »

Boon or bane?

ALL over the world, there must be millions of people who are in possession of the smart handphone. Smart it may well be, but it a is weapon in the wrong hands. It is impossible to prevent anyone from acquiring... more »

A new dawn for democracy?

THE ninth day of May 2018 will be etched in the memories of those who enabled and witnessed Malaysian political history. The initial stirrings of concern and caution unfolding to emotions of sadness and/or euphoria; the disbelief evolving to acceptance;... more »

Disabled people and the election

WHAT has the general election got to do with disabled people? Everything. This is the time for us to assert our status as citizens. This is the one time where our vote is equal to everyone else’s, although the effort... more »


THE above word defeated me in a recent newspaper crossword until I saw the answer in the next day’s edition. This is a rarely used word derived from the Latin ‘grallator’ meaning a stilt-walker. Today it refers to a group... more »
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