Decision time

WITHIN the next three weeks, Sarawak will have a new government. The process of electing a new administration or returning the immediate past government begins on Wednesday, April 6, when all candidates bidding for office as legislators of the Dewan... more »

Taking care of No. 1

A FRIEND forwarded me an email that reads: “Ten things to learn from Japan: 1. The calm: not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated. 2. The dignity: disciplined queues for water and groceries.... more »

The dignified and the depraved

“IT has been said that if you have Zen in your life, you have no fear, no doubt, no unnecessary craving, no extreme emotion. Neither illiberal attitudes nor egotistical actions trouble you. You serve humanity humbly, fulfilling your presence in... more »

Better safe than sorry for health’s sake

POLYCARBONATE infant milk bottles containing the toxic chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) will be banned in Malaysia  from March 1 next year. The move is considered necessary from the health standpoint because there is, as yet, no scientific evidence to prove that... more »

My first holiday in Kuching

LIKE any kid taken for a ride in a vehicle, I insisted on sitting next to the driver, touching everything new — tapping on the dashboard and opening the glove box from time to time to the annoyance of the... more »
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