Dear Sir, I Apply My Job

THE Eye recently got together with a friend who looked dazed after an entire week of sorting out job applications for several openings in the company he works for.  

Hope springs eternal

YOU can never say that you don’t know Chinese New Year is coming. It is announced through the shops, in the airwave and, above all, in the psyche of service providers in town.

Birds of fortune

THEY look like giant match boxes with tiny windows, not the architectural models submitted for aesthetic contests. Each would cost from RM30,000 to RM200,000 to build. They are substitutes for caves used by the birds, not ordinary birds, but those... more »

Freeloading Monsters

IF there is one thing that Malaysians are famous for, it is freeloading.  Yes, we love free gifts.  Who doesn’t?  If we don’t have to pay to get things, why should we? And what better place to get freebies than... more »

Roads in Malaysia should not be disaster zones

MALAYSIA has many blessings, among them, political stability, racial harmony, a healthy economy, few natural disasters and, thank goodness, an absence of seismic activities that have devastated entire towns and cities around the world in recent days.
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