Accepting an imperfect solution

A multiracial and multi-religious nation like Malaysia faces the constant challenge of keeping the ‘genie’ of racial and religious discord and violence in the bottle and  now that the bottle has been opened by the ‘Allah’ issue, we are faced... more »

Wasted gifts

A FEW weeks ago the Court of Arbitration for Sports affirmed the rights of the International Olympic Committee to take away the gold and bronze medals from the US women’s relay squads, which they won at the 2000 Sydney Olympic... more »

Zero tolerance for fire-bombs

THERE is absolute need for Malaysians from all walks of life across the entire country to remain calm, following the fire-bombing of churches in Kuala Lumpur on Friday. It is useful to remember the old adage that indeed there is... more »

Saving all the orangs

A LEADING world authority on orang-utans, Dr B Mary Galdikas, recently visited our Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and another at Matang. The inmates at Semenggoh are free to roam about in the virgin jungle, but those at Matang are restricted to... more »
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