Weekly Discussion #4: Wife Today

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary explains ‘wife’ as being a female partner in a marriage and yet over time, women have been given many kinds of treatment from virtually ‘slaves’ to being lovingly held in high esteem and there are those... more »

This week we’re talking rubbish

IT’S about a dying river in the middle of a city – heartbreak for the environmentalists and health conscious citizens. It’s where I and my mates used to swim in the 1950s. It was our swimming pool after school. In... more »


ONE of the fears of a columnist is that he may run out of subjects to comment on. However, this week I am faced with a different problem, a problem from the other end of the spectrum. I was spoilt... more »

Building walls with bananas

LAST Sunday I wrote about towers and bricks, alluding that the dependence of a dominating structure like a tower on thousands of bricks can be an analogy for achieving success through teamwork. A reader wrote: “Bricks and tower is not... more »
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