The dignified and the depraved

“IT has been said that if you have Zen in your life, you have no fear, no doubt, no unnecessary craving, no extreme emotion. Neither illiberal attitudes nor egotistical actions trouble you. You serve humanity humbly, fulfilling your presence in... more »

Better safe than sorry for health’s sake

POLYCARBONATE infant milk bottles containing the toxic chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) will be banned in Malaysia  from March 1 next year. The move is considered necessary from the health standpoint because there is, as yet, no scientific evidence to prove that... more »

My first holiday in Kuching

LIKE any kid taken for a ride in a vehicle, I insisted on sitting next to the driver, touching everything new — tapping on the dashboard and opening the glove box from time to time to the annoyance of the... more »

OMG! Here we go again

I was stunned by a newspaper headline a few days ago.  It read, ‘Bibles freed’. Bibles? Freed? As it turned out, this was in conjunction with the 30,000 copies of the Bibles being confiscated at Kuching Port on January 12.... more »

The boiled but happy frog

Inspired by a recent book I read, I was contemplating writing something profound, like ‘Why are we here?’, ‘What is the purpose of life?’, or ‘Is there a God?’ However, as I stood there, sweating in a ‘greenhouse’, waiting to... more »

Keeping young Net users out of harm’s way

IN the early 2000’s, the percentage of Internet access in Sarawak was quite low – roughly 18 per cent of the two million population but  the figure was expected to increase exponentially as the state got more wired over time.
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