When the Devil appears in court

I RECENTLY received an email from Angel as follows: October is Halloween month and I recently watched a documentary on Discovery last Wednesday on witches being tried and burned at the stake in the Middle Ages.

A crime too heinous

RECENTLY someone posted a story on the Internet. In the story, a young and successful executive was driving down a neighbourhood street in his new car. Suddenly, a brick smashed into his car door. He slammed on the brakes and... more »

Disturbing signals from the West

TO get a balanced picture of any situation and form one’s impartial opinion on it, one has to get hold of all sorts of written materials including reading the blogs. But they are so full of conflicting, confusing and disturbing... more »

Down the memory lane

IT ALL began in an abandoned workshop, at one end of which was a facility to check vehicles for roadworthiness and at the other an office for Mr Donough, the Land Transport officer. The space outside was crowded with people... more »

It is getting better

LAST week I wrote about the less than flattering condition of many of our coffee shops. A number of people wrote to me. Most agreed that things could be better but a few felt that I was unduly negative.
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