Unicef launches ‘Save Haiti’ appeal

THE United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) has launched a 2010 Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal in Malaysia to support its global effort to raise RM410 million (US$120 million) for victims of the seismic upheaval that devastated the Caribbean nation on Jan... more »

When will we ever learn?

THE recent drowning of five students and a teacher of Chung Ling High School in Penang when their boat capsized while training for the Dragon Boat race off the coast of the island brought to a head again our cavalier... more »

The limitations of man

THERE is a well-loved legend about St Augustine (354 to 430 AD), a Christian thinker, philosopher and theologian. It was said that Augustine, ever the thinker, was walking by the sea one day, contemplating and pondering with difficulty the mystery... more »

Accepting an imperfect solution

A multiracial and multi-religious nation like Malaysia faces the constant challenge of keeping the ‘genie’ of racial and religious discord and violence in the bottle and  now that the bottle has been opened by the ‘Allah’ issue, we are faced... more »

Wasted gifts

A FEW weeks ago the Court of Arbitration for Sports affirmed the rights of the International Olympic Committee to take away the gold and bronze medals from the US women’s relay squads, which they won at the 2000 Sydney Olympic... more »
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