Magic moments

ONE interesting thing about Facebook, the Internet social network, is that every so often people would post profound and thought-provoking sayings. It is a boon for me for they would wake up the muse in me and send me excitedly... more »

Kuching’s heritage

ONE of the most important creations of the Colonial government was the Borneo Literature Bureau. Established on Sept 15 1959, it had four main functions, one of which was “to encourage local authorship, and by this means obtain materials suitable... more »

Birds of a feather

THEY were all wearing green except the Big Bird and the migratory ones. They had descended upon the city to discuss the techniques of preserving and protecting medicinal plants and herbs found in our forests or what is left of... more »

What Indonesian invasion?

THE talk of the town is how an army of cultural warriors from Indonesia is going to climb over mountains separating Sarawak and West Kalimantan bearing samurai swords, sharpened bamboo poles, bow and arrows, and launch an attack on Kuching... more »

Waste not want not

OCCASIONALLY, I get invited to a dinner at a posh restaurant. Last Saturday night was such an occasion, the 80th birthday celebration of an ancient Thomian who has made a good grade in life.
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