The meek and the poor

IF it is about being meek and poor I believe there is no better candidate than the Penans of Sarawak. They are the original people of Borneo, a jungle people who have shunned the modern life and resisted development, retreating... more »

Longhouse economy

IT’S like the game of the Snake and the Ladder, except that it is not a game at all. It’s the longhouse on fire, mate! The longhouse fires happen again and again. There is a growing concern among many people... more »

Where have all the flowers gone?

AS far as Sarawak football is concerned, in the last few months the news in the Sports section has been just plain unadulterated doom and gloom, with ‘Another dismal season for Sarawak’, ‘Sarawak football on the edge of abyss’, and... more »
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