The power of ‘E’

“WE just gave the game away” said Fred, venting his frustration. He was lamenting the loss by Malaysia in the crucial match to New Zealand in the recent Hockey World Cup qualifying tournament held in Invercargill, New Zealand. With that... more »

The venerable Gazette

IT is a sheer joy when two old buddies bump into each other after losing contact for a score of years. That was how I felt when I got hold of a copy of the Sarawak Gazette recently.

Coping with climate change

BEGINNING tomorrow most of the world’s leaders will be in Copenhagen hammering out a binding pact to reduce the carbon emissions from factories in China, USA, Australia, and India- the main polluters and Brazil, another polluter through deforestation. Most scientists... more »

Dirty dining equals yummy dining?

CLEANLINESS, when it come to eateries in Malaysia doesn’t seem to be much of an issue, judging from the huge crowds that patronise dirty eateries and foodstalls that are not equipped with clean running water.
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