The new soft silver

THE rugged, peninsular county of Cornwall, UK, where I was born at its most southwestern extremity, abounded in the 18th and 19th centuries with tin and copper mines on an industrial scale. The last tin mine at South Crofty shut... more »

The Borneo Company — (1856-2018)

The Borneo Company Limited (BCL) was founded in London in 1856 by the first Rajah of Sarawak, James Brooke. Initially, it was given all rights in return for royalties to the Sarawak Treasury to “take over and work mines, ores,... more »

Beating for cultural freedom

AFTER witnessing some extraordinary silat performances at Teratak Tok Cindai in Kepong, my brain was trying to comprehend the amazing feats of jumping, rolling and fighting involving spark-generating swords in high-speed fights (which, even if choreographed, is extremely dangerous). But... more »

Have we forgotten acid rain?

IN the late 1960s at a nautical college, the cadet officers’ knowledge needed broadening beyond their chosen subjects. One of my remits was to develop a course which I entitled EEC. Most cadets thought I would be talking about the... more »
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