Seeking peaceful transitions

PSEPHOLOGISTS and analysts are having a field day with recent and ongoing elections: finding lessons that can be learnt, identifying trends that could replicate in other places or might have global repercussions. Jakarta has elected a new governor, after a... more »

Don’t spill oil on troubled waters!

IN March 1967, the world’s press highlighted the SS Torrey Canyon disaster, when a supertanker was wrecked, spilling between 94 and 164 million litres of crude oil into the seas off the Cornish coast in South West England. Coming from... more »

With Nancy at Gedong and Simunjan

LAST week, I wrote that I accepted Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri’s invitation to join her weekly ‘Ziarah Kamek’ (Our Visit) constituency rounds. Here’s a continuation of the account of the March 24-26 trip. Her parliamentary seat P200 Batang Sadong (Malay... more »
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