Britain’s mess extends beyond Brexit

Britain-ever-ready to boast stable politics and a faultless, often-called ‘Rolls Royce’ civil service – is in a mess. Between scandals over sex, secret meetings, political donors and the royal family, the government is melting down. The country’s own newspapers say... more »

Innovation and the digital economy

AT SarawakYES! we’ve been emphasising to young Sarawakians on the need to innovate as it is crucial in both technical and non-technical fields, as well as in entrepreneurship. With Sarawak committed to achieve rapid development through a digital economy, innovation... more »

An enduring relationship of values

ALL the countries that recognised the Federation of Malaya at its independence have been celebrating 60 years of bilateral ties with Malaysia this year (the 1963 entity inherited the 1957 entity’s seat at the United Nations). Of course, some countries,... more »

Car purchase and bankruptcy

AMONG Asean countries, Malaysia has the highest rate of car ownership. In 2016, it was estimated that 400 out of every 1,000 Malaysians owned one or more cars on average. Apparently, ownership of cars has become a goal of those... more »
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