What goes around comes around

IF there is one thing I have learned from my Peace Corps experience is to never predict my future. Not only had my original plans been diverted from Penrissen to Mukah, but the short-lived student strike at Three Rivers School... more »

What goes around comes around

I REMBER the phone call as if it only happened last year, but it was July of 1964. The Western Union operator said in her deep Augusta, Georgia drawl, “You have a telegram from the Peace Corps. Would you like... more »

My teacher, Bob Lynn

TANJONG Lobang School in Miri was one of the first schools to enjoy the services of Peace Corps volunteers and one of those who joined the teaching staff of Tanjong Lobang School in 1964 was Bob Lynn. Bob Lynn, Simple,... more »

The love story of Richard and Habibah

TOWARDS the end of 1964, Richard Harvey who was then a second-year university student learnt about Peace Corps when the recruiters went to campus. The 20-year-old Californian lad – dashing, lively, curious and adventurous – blindly filled up the form... more »

Miss McConkey the Matron

  IN January 1964, Miss McConkey came as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) to be the matron at our Tanjong Lobang School and stayed until December 1965. She displayed the commitment so typical of PCVs around the world and she... more »
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