The colour of blood is red

This has been the best Olympics for Malaysia so far, and not just in terms of medal counts. It has confirmed the belief that we can stand tall in the world competition platform and hold our own. Our young athletes... more »

Hungry ghosts and hungrier men

THIS month is the seventh month on the Lunar Calendar. In Chinese culture, the whole month is considered as the Ghost month. So, don’t be surprised if things are a bit quieter during this period: the more adventurous activities are... more »

All about the gold, really?

SOMEONE posted the medal table of Sukma 2016 (Malaysia Games) showing Sarawak running neck and neck in the gold medal tally with its nearest rival. He exhorted, “Come on Sarawak, one more gold. You can do it!” Somehow it reminded... more »

Stars on a dark night

THESE days there are so many “don’ts” and “can’ts” – things that can’t be written; names that can’t be named; words that can’t be spoken. We are also fast approaching the situation where thoughts can’t be thought. It is difficult... more »

Eat your heart out! Aristotle

NEARLY 2,500 years ago, Aristotle (384BC to 322BC), Greek philosopher, logician, and scientist, wrote down the formula to being a persuasive speaker. This formula which forms the basis for nearly every public speaking book written since then is about the... more »

The good old days syndrome

I REALLY don’t quite like the expression ‘the good old days’. It has a negative and pessimistic connotation. It is like a cry of despair. A couple of years ago Patrick Teo (Malaysian actor and radio personality) published a video... more »
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