The way of the world

“Free foot massage, no obligation,” said the guide. “Free, my foot,” thought I. Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. I was on a one-week budget tour of China. As with all these budget tours there is always a payback. The payback... more »

Yes, this is war

We have always been advised, “Do not speak when angry”. To that I would add, “Much less take action”. After the Paris bombing President Francois Hollande was angry when he said something to the effect, “This is war and France... more »

Culture of impunity

“THERE, there is a place there.” “No, we cannot park there.” “Why?” “You see the little sign on the wall? That space is reserved for the disabled.” “What happens if you park there?” “I don’t know. I suppose they would... more »

It’s a bad penny

I TURNED on my computer on Aug 31 and saw a cheery posting on social media with the Jalur Gemilang flying proudly in the background: “Good morning my beautiful country, happy 52 years of independence.” At first I was going... more »

We raise them up

I WAS enjoying the fresh morning air, watching the fishes swimming merrily in the pond and admiring the exquisite water lilies. Birdsongs filled the air and the family of monkeys that visit me regularly was at their best behaviour, taking... more »

The random ranting of a confused man

THE goings-on in the nation these days drive me up the wall. Not a day passes without us being bombarded by the news and non-news about those-cannot-be-mentioned-four-characters. On top of that, based on their antics and remarks, I begin to... more »

Who’s the silly billy?

THESE days less than complimentary words like silly, stupid, moronic, dumb, idiotic, etc are being bandied around liberally on social media. Perhaps with good reason, because every day less than intelligent people who somehow occupy the corridors of power are... more »
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