The perks of being multilingual

    WHEN conversing normally, how often do you find yourself using three languages in the same sentence? Although this situation may seem confusing to monolinguals, the ability to speak more than one language is more than just a social advantage in... more »

    Considering sports as a career

    LET’S be honest, when it comes to career choices, how many would even consider choosing sports as a profession? Unless you were born with the natural talent of Pandelela Rinong, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, or Datuk Nicol David – and... more »

    Marketable TVet graduates

    WHEN we first highlighted technical vocational education and training (TVet), Sarawak had implemented various measures to prepare youths for an employment market in need of a technically-capable workforce. We noted that young Sarawakians should pick up technical and vocational skills... more »
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