The Other Side of Peer Pressure

PEER pressure has a bad reputation as it has been largely used in the negative context. Among the youths, peer pressure is a well discussed topic where it receives mostly negative perceptions due to negative social pressure and habits among... more »

Overcoming peer pressure

IF you’re currently studying in a college or university, there may be times where you find yourself doing something you won’t normally do, in order to fit into a social circle. This experience is commonly described as peer pressure. Peer... more »

Have a break

IT used to be said that those who worked for long hours without any intermission were considered hardworking and productive, but that’s not really the case. More scientific studies have shown that taking regular breaks from work can help us... more »

Keep reading

IT’S no secret that we Malaysians don’t read a lot of books despite our nation having a high literacy rate. The habit of reading is beneficial for us in so many ways; however most still find it a struggle to... more »
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