Hopping into the gig economy

AS the job market becomes more competitive, we are witnessing more and more fresh graduates, and even students, dabbling in freelance work. Freelancing is actually part of the ‘gig economy’, which describes an environment where temporary positions are available for... more »

Influencing through social media

IN the age of unlimited access to technology and social media platforms, it is not uncommon to see more youths becoming ‘social media influencers’ since the role is filled with limitless opportunities. In Sarawak, the concept of social media influencer... more »

Working flexibly for a living

IF you find yourself unsuited for a 9-to-5 job, you might want to opt for one with flexible working hours. Flexible working arrangements (FWA) are work schedules that are different from the typical work pattern, and they come in many... more »
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