Have a break

IT used to be said that those who worked for long hours without any intermission were considered hardworking and productive, but that’s not really the case. More scientific studies have shown that taking regular breaks from work can help us... more »

Keep reading

IT’S no secret that we Malaysians don’t read a lot of books despite our nation having a high literacy rate. The habit of reading is beneficial for us in so many ways; however most still find it a struggle to... more »

Thoughts on critical thinking

IN nearly every aspect of our lives, critical thinking is important especially now that we are being bombarded with an abundance of information every day. ‘Critical thinking’ as a term has been debated since the days of the ancient Greek... more »

Designing technology

TO ensure greater demand and success of your own product, service, and business in the digital economy, you should take design as one of the most important aspects of your strategy. An element that used to be overlooked, design has... more »

Debunking the myths of soft skills

BELIEVE it or not, there are myths surrounding soft skills and this includes the assumption that soft skills reflect an individual’s ‘softer’ side! However, as we’ve covered in SarawakYES!, soft skills don’t make us any ‘softer’, and they don’t just... more »
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