Ask away!

TO thrive in a digital economy, we need to be innovative and creative, and that requires the habit of asking questions. Making it a habit isn’t very hard, but sometimes we find ourselves unwilling to ask questions – perhaps because... more »

Creating content in the digital era

THE Internet revolution and development of digital technologies have made information more available and accessible than ever before, transforming the way we watch, listen, read, and share information. Rather than just constantly keeping up with our social media feed or... more »

Get ready for artificial intelligence

  IN movies, artificial intelligence (AI) is usually portrayed in a bad light; depicted as human-like machines taking over the world and ultimately controlling human lives, such as in the ‘Terminator’ movies. However, these days, AI, which is the ability... more »

Debunking the myths of STEM

BY now, you’ve most likely heard of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – which continues to change the world through scientific and technological advancements. In fact, Sarawak has been taking necessary steps to develop and strengthen STEM culture... more »

How students can cope with stress

WHILE most consider their university years the best time of their lives, the stress can be overwhelming as students constantly worry about meeting deadlines and taking the next step after graduating. Excessive and unmanageable stress can be damaging to one’s... more »

Understanding emotional intelligence

IN the World Economic Forum (WEF) report ‘The Future of Jobs’, emotional intelligence was listed as one of the most important job skills that employees must possess to become competitive in the global digital economy. A term that was popularised... more »

Healthy eating habits for students

BETWEEN assignments, final exams and maintaining a social life, if you’re a student, healthy eating probably may not be high on your list of priorities. However, you should realise that poor eating habits at this period of your life –... more »
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