Blogging to market your products

GETTING involved in e-commerce will mean taking the time to pick up some new skills, and one of those skills will definitely involve online marketing. Most of us are familiar with the use of social media as effective platforms for... more »

Selling on an online marketplace

PREVIOUSLY, we talked about the nature of e-commerce as well as some of the steps you can take to set up an online store. However, if you find yourself unsure about having your own e-commerce site, then consider making an... more »

Exploring apps for education

IN the not so distant past, mobile apps were mostly popular for gaming and entertainment content. However, due to the rapid advancement in mobile technology, apps now cover every industry including banking, retail, airlines, and ridesharing services. Nowadays, apps are... more »

Innovation and the digital economy

AT SarawakYES! we’ve been emphasising to young Sarawakians on the need to innovate as it is crucial in both technical and non-technical fields, as well as in entrepreneurship. With Sarawak committed to achieve rapid development through a digital economy, innovation... more »

Coding a digital-ready community

COMPARABLE to writing poems, coding can be seen as an art form in itself. Coding or computer programming is a process of writing code in programming languages such as Python, Java, Structured Query Language (SQL) and C++ to instruct computers... more »

The dos and don’ts of handling criticism

THE digital economy demands innovation and creativity, but when you present ideas that are considered experimental or previously unheard of, chances are you will face some criticism. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all before they were giants, innovations... more »
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