Immunotherapy – new weapon against cervical cancer

DECADES ago, the treatment for advanced cervical cancer (where abnormal cells in the cervix grow uncontrollably) was radiation. Then came clinical trials that showed that adding low-dose chemotherapy during radiation therapy (chemoradiation) improved survival outcomes. It became the gold standard... more »

A gentler touch at A&E

A&E professionals look beyond emergency treatment and care to ensure dying patients get comfort and dignity in their final moments. Everyone deserves dignity and comfort in their final moments. But when those moments happen in a hospital’s Accident and Emergency... more »

Poor sleep has disease spinoffs

STUDY finds that those with severe sleep apnoea tend to have higher calcium deposits in their coronary arteries, raising their risk of heart disease. If you are being treated for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), don’t... more »

Choking on food silently

COUGHING is a normal defence mechanism to expel food or liquid that gets swallowed or “aspirated” down the wrong way. But for some, in particular those with swallowing problems, this coughing reflex may not occur. They choke with no signs... more »
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