Cancer need not end fertility

A BREAST cancer patient has preserved her ability to conceive naturally, thanks to a new procedure that involves a transplant of her banked ovarian tissues. Mdm Tan was in her late 30s when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Married... more »

Pumping up the gate

A NEW procedure implants a bulking material into the muscles around the anal canal, helping patients control their bowels. Faecal incontinence can be a highly distressing and socially embarrassing problem. People suffering from this problem can’t control their stools and... more »

Lumps removed with barely a trace

A NEW robotic procedure not only safely removes thyroid cancer from a patient’s throat, but also leaves only a small, well-hidden scar. When she felt lumps on the left side of her neck, thyroid cancer survivor Ms Tan Li-Na knew... more »
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