Scientists grow heart cells in lab

BREAKTHROUGH research on a disease that can cause sudden cardiac death may lead to new treatments and better patient survival rates. Imagine using your own skin to save your heart. That is what patients with inherited heart diseases may expect... more »

Robot helps replace human knee

A NEW high-tech procedure enables faster and more accurate knee-replacement surgery. Retiree Rokiah Amat, 62, never thought she would see the day when she would be operated on by a robot. But in May last year, she became the first... more »

A gentler way to treat breast cancer

SOME early-stage cancer patients may opt for a new treatment that spares them from losing a breast. A new treatment known as intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) is now available at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS). Selected women with early-stage breast... more »

New therapy for excess fluid

A NEW treatment to drain excess fluid from heart failure patients, who are resistant or allergic to diuretics, is now available. Taking care of her four grandchildren was becoming harder and harder for Mdm Chinnamah Vellasamy Kathiresoo. A heart failure... more »
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