Something is fishy

    I MUST protest – as a seafood freak. Protest number one. I have been paying for fish more than I can afford. A tiny ‘Ikan Senangin’, must have been frozen for ages, sold at the Stutong Market cost me RM18... more »

    Lest we forget

    IF you are a Malaysian born 23 years ago, you were born at a time when your country was losing a lot of money through its dealings in the foreign exchange market. You were born at the wrong time but... more »

    Toe the line or else …

    THE public row between two cabinet ministers, one federal and the other, state, over the implementation of the tourism tax in Malaysia has fizzled out somewhat, but it is too soon to tell whether the small sparks have really died... more »

    Golden saliva

    HAPPY days are here again! For the traders dealing in edible nests of birds, I mean. From 2004 traders in Malaysia had their good days until there was a slump three years ago. People in the industry blamed certain suppliers... more »

    Remembering another Brooke

    THE news of the recent death of James Bertram Lionel Brooke in Scotland on May 27 came as a shock to all those who had met him for the first time in Kuching six years ago. The occasion was the... more »

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder

    I AM referring to the personal problem faced by married teachers in Sarawak who are forced to live separately from their spouses, not by choice but because of the dictates of geography and of the need to pursue a vocation.... more »
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