What’s wrong with MA63?

I’M appealing to those who are well versed in the provisions of the famous Malaysia Agreement 1963 to tell us Sarawakians what exactly have been the failings or weaknesses in terms of the implementation of recommendations or the observation of... more »

Good health and wellbeing

I’m still in the mood for writing about what non-governmental organisations (NGO) in Sarawak can do to help the country reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. It’s a tall order but try we must – 12 years to... more »

Government-NGO partnership is vital

IT appears that the Malaysian political tsunami in May this year has produced an aftershock of a benign kind: the important role of the non-government organisations (NGOs) in helping to realise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2000-2015; that transformation... more »

Yes, let’s catch the bull by the horns

NO, it’s the dogs – those strays roaming the streets, the housing estates, the eateries; these are the targets. Dogs have always been associated with rabies as Anopheles mosquitoes with malaria. Catch, vaccinate and neuter those strays; these, the authorities... more »
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