Lest we forget

IN the nation’s capital city, this year’s celebration of National Day saw participation by a dozen war veterans from Britain and New Zealand. They are the survivors of the war against the Communist insurgents during the Malayan Emergency. This time... more »

Another CAT

HAVING had enough of the controversy over the origin of the name of Kuching, we are talking about a CAT of a different species today. CAT stands for the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading... more »

The Kiwis are coming today

KIWIS are birds found only in New Zealand. Not that they don’t want to fly; they cannot. Their local cousins would be our Keruak (Water Hen). However, the Kiwis are much bigger than the Keruaks. They come out during the... more »

That pussy in the well

I’M unable to make head or tail of it – this controversy over the origin of the name of ‘Kuching’ for our city. I think that there are many people in Sarawak and elsewhere who wish to know more about... more »

The inn on McDougall’s hill

NORMALLY, one associates bishops with consecrating a new building for a church, not with declaring open a hotel. But like every mundane rule, there’s an exception; in fact, one was made last week. The Right Revd Datuk Bolly Lapok, on... more »

Having coffee with Hetty

I WAS in the crowd for the official launch of the recent Indonesia-Sarawak Coffee Festival held at one of the shopping malls in Kuching. Its theme was smartly chosen, ‘Blend of Coffee, Culture and Friendship’, as events subsequently showed. Among... more »
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