Good servant bad master

FOR many countries now, displaying fireworks has become a tradition to herald each coming year. Malaysia is no exception. At the stroke of midnight on Dec 31, 2018, fireworks lit up the night sky over Putrajaya, the seat of federal... more »

Drowning in a sea of plastic

THE latest miscreant on the who-murdered-the-planet list is the seemingly humble drinking straw. The drinking straw, so the activists tell us, is something the world can do without. At first glance, it seems a reasonable choice. For, let’s be honest... more »

Be prepared

THE Boy Scouts have got it straight: Be Prepared. Those people who were swept away by nature’s fury while they were enjoying music on the beach of Banten were, sadly, not prepared. Although, there is no direct link between the... more »

A Flying Dayak

EACH month of the year has its own particular significance in everyone’s life. A day of that month may mark a birth of a child, or of a wedding, or a death of a loved one. Any event, a happy... more »
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