A slice of history

    MANY personalities in Sarawak have been accorded official recognition by the government for personal gallantry in battles, for statesmanship in politics, for philanthropy in public life, or for any service considered important to society by the government of the day.... more »

    What’s in a name?

    AUNTIE Di and I have made it a point to discover as much as possible about the countryside in the immediate vicinity of Kuching City South. Amazing what interesting, and new (to us!) lanes and byways and ‘jalan tikus’ we... more »

    Good thinking, that …

    THIS is the type of news that I have been longing to hear or read for years: the recent statement made by the Chief Minister about issuing titles to land in Sarawak. What sort of titles, may one wonder? The... more »

    Not such an impossible problem

    AM I right in guessing that the Election Commission is reluctant to initiate automatic voter registration in Malaysia for fear of making mistakes? It gives for a reason that the present voluntary registration is good enough. If it is not... more »
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