Every day is Mother’s Day

I SHOULDN’T have neglected my duty as a son to acknowledge the importance of Mother’s Day this year. Blame this dereliction of duty on the mother of all elections – the just concluded GE14. I was following the election campaign... more »

Boon or bane?

ALL over the world, there must be millions of people who are in possession of the smart handphone. Smart it may well be, but it a is weapon in the wrong hands. It is impossible to prevent anyone from acquiring... more »

The proof of the pudding …

A POLITICAL party aiming to be in power and in control of the administration of a country is like a new company selling goods to the public. The party releases to the public its manifesto containing its policy and aims... more »

Before, during, and after

I DON’T know if anybody has ever heard of a coordinated effort in the past by the then Anti-Corruption Agency (now Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission – MACC), the Election Commission (EC), and the police to monitor corrupt practices relating to the... more »

When I think of those …

OVER the Easter weekend, I had plenty of time to read the cuttings from old newspapers. On every waking day, I must read a newspaper or some publication – a habit acquired since school time. To me there’s no alternative... more »

These houses

I AGREE with Kuching North Datuk Bandar Datuk Abang Abdul Wahab Abang Julai that abandoned houses in areas under the jurisdiction of Kuching North City Commission (DBKU), indeed everywhere, are the potential haunts of rats, mosquitoes, or snakes – and... more »
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