WHAT a good move – this combination of three authorities working hand in glove to “look into any issues or complaints raised by individuals, politicians or any political parties” during the forthcoming GE14. I say that it is a good... more »

Back to square one

THE state government’s proposal to set up an office in Singapore for the purpose of promoting sales of agricultural and touristic products from Sarawak is good news. We are back to square one. Many people may remember that not many... more »

Thinking outside the box

FIREWORKS in urban centres such as Kuching, Sibu or Miri during festivals are great fun to many, great annoyance to others, but longhouse fires are no fun at all. As I was sorting out the columns that I have written... more »

The politics of guns

THE Americans should learn from the Australians in terms of gun control if they want to avoid further mass killings of school children in America. With due respect to President Trump (not my president, by the way), his suggestion that... more »

Putting the record straight

THANKS to the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month, the war between North Korea and the United States is not likely to start during the games. After the Olympics, nobody knows. Did you know that last week two ‘wars’... more »
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