When will we ever learn?

Accidents happen all the time — on the roads, in the air and in the rivers at home. Often, an accident happens when you least expected it, but sometimes you could more or less predict it might occur. That’s when... more »

Rural development master plan

PLANS of all descriptions have been piling up recently; among the latest, of immediate interest to the majority of Malaysians in Sarawak, is the rural development master plan, announced by the PM, 10 days ago. Although details of that plan... more »

Disturbing signals from the West

TO get a balanced picture of any situation and form one’s impartial opinion on it, one has to get hold of all sorts of written materials including reading the blogs. But they are so full of conflicting, confusing and disturbing... more »

Down the memory lane

IT ALL began in an abandoned workshop, at one end of which was a facility to check vehicles for roadworthiness and at the other an office for Mr Donough, the Land Transport officer. The space outside was crowded with people... more »

The unifying factors

WHENEVER a new nation comes into being, among the first requirements is   for that nation to write   into its constitution the name of its national or official language. Some countries have more than one. For instance, Switzerland has four official... more »
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