Saving all the orangs

A LEADING world authority on orang-utans, Dr B Mary Galdikas, recently visited our Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and another at Matang. The inmates at Semenggoh are free to roam about in the virgin jungle, but those at Matang are restricted to... more »

Coping with social problems

NEWS from Sibu about alleged child prostitution last week must have upset many people. One hopes that this is a rare and isolated case in this fair land of Sarawak. In other parts of the world, especially in the poverty... more »

The venerable Gazette

IT is a sheer joy when two old buddies bump into each other after losing contact for a score of years. That was how I felt when I got hold of a copy of the Sarawak Gazette recently.

Coping with climate change

BEGINNING tomorrow most of the world’s leaders will be in Copenhagen hammering out a binding pact to reduce the carbon emissions from factories in China, USA, Australia, and India- the main polluters and Brazil, another polluter through deforestation. Most scientists... more »

Kuching’s heritage

ONE of the most important creations of the Colonial government was the Borneo Literature Bureau. Established on Sept 15 1959, it had four main functions, one of which was “to encourage local authorship, and by this means obtain materials suitable... more »

Birds of a feather

THEY were all wearing green except the Big Bird and the migratory ones. They had descended upon the city to discuss the techniques of preserving and protecting medicinal plants and herbs found in our forests or what is left of... more »
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