Keeping rabies at bay

    IN August 2015, two persons were reported to have fallen victim to rabies in Penang, ending Malaysia’s clean ‘rabies record’ since 1999. At that time, Penang’s Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng ordered more than 20,000 stray dogs in the state... more »

    Why the last-minute rush for E-Kads?

    THE Immigration Department recently launched a large scale operation, targeting illegal foreign workers in Malaysia. As the application for Temporary Foreign Labour Cards (E-Kad) approached its deadline, one could imagine the long queues at the Immigration Office. Some of the... more »

    The Nazri-Mahathir debate

    THE bells of election have yet to toll in earnest but prickly peals are already audible at Padang Rengas. Tourism and Culture Minister and Padang Rengas MP from Umno Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz is ready for his promised debate... more »

    Clampdown on fake news

    WITH the rise of social media, any information posted on Facebook, Twitter or any platforms can be easily disseminated and circulated, if shared appropriately. However, some information, being spread around, is simply not true. It’s fake or false news –... more »

    Lesson from a cycling tragedy

    ALTHOUGH the Johor Baharu cycling mishap was a real tragedy, the country at large has shown maturity, civic awareness and harmonious spirit in reacting to the unfortunate incident. This is, indeed, a most welcomed consolation to have emerged out of... more »

    Honesty is the best policy

    RECENTLY, the managing director of Edelman Malaysia, Robert Kay, released the 2017 Elderman Trust Barometer. Based on the report, Malaysia’s trust index which stood at a neutral level of 51 per cent in 2016, dropped to a non-credible level of... more »

    Sheer fabrication

    IT was the first day of the Lunar New Year and as usual, the different political parties and Chinese organisations hosted festive functions for VIPs as well as the public. In keeping with tradition, Lion dance troupes made their fair... more »
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