How to build your own house

    Ready to have your dream house built?  Building a home does not just require a great deal of your vision, time, and effort, it also needs extensive planning, organisation, and coordination with professional consultants.  Financial-preparedness is also key, which is... more »

    Economic outlook for 2014: What to expect

    Economists warn Malaysians to brace themselves for higher costs of living and aggressive price hikes in 2014, as a result of government measures to address a national fiscal deficit. 1.Budget 2014  The national budget for 2014 is structured toward resolving... more »

    The shrinking ringgit

    KUCHING: Consumers have a myriad of reasons to worry about the shrinking value of the ringgit. In its efforts to strengthen its fiscal position and reduce the current account deficit to gross domestic predict ratio, the government is proactively looking... more »
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