Two hectares South Hulu Sungai chili burned

KANDANGAN: A total of two hectares of chili plants belonging to farmers in Daha Subdistrict, South Hulu Sungai (HSS), burned in a land fire occurred some time ago, AntaranewsKalsel reported. Head of the Disaster Management Agency, National Unity and Political Affairs... more »

Dekopin to build floating restaurant

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: The Indonesian Cooperative Council (Dekopin) Banjarmasin does not want to be left behind to contribute its innovation to the city’s progress by planning to build a floating restaurant on the Martapura River in 2019, Antaranews Kalsel reported. On a... more »

HSS has built 7 thousand habitable homes

KANDANGAN, S Kalimantan: The Government of South Hulu Sungai (HSS) through the Social Agency has built 7 thousand more Habitable Homes (RLH) since 2013 and exceeded the targets of the District Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD), AntaranewsKalsel reported. Head of Social Agency Hj... more »

870 hectares rice crops threatened by failure

BATULICIN, S Kalimantan: About 870 hectares of farmer’s rice crops in Tanah Bumbu District, South Kalimantan, are threatened by harvest failures due to flooding, AntaranewsKalsel reported. Head of the Tanah Bumbu Agriculture Agency Setia Budi in Batulicin, Sunday, said that the... more »

Kotabaru to form a team to control inflation

KOTABARU, S Kalimantan: Kotabaru District Government, South Kalimantan, will soon form a Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) to encourage and improve the welfare of people in “Bumi Saijaan”, a nickname of the district, AntaranewsKalsel reported. The Kotabaru Administration’s Assistant of Economy... more »
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