Great ape names

ALL the orangutans at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve (SNR) are given a name. They may be named after the place of their birth. For instance, one of the females is named Seduku after Seduku Island where she comes from. They... more »

Hello Hangzhou!

OUR TV in the reading room flashed news on the 11th G20 Hangzhou Summit. The 2016 event from Sept 4 and 5, attended by world leaders, was the first to be hosted in China after the Seoul 2010 G20 in... more »

To the Penans with HOPE

WE make a living by getting but we make a life by giving. That’s a quote from wartime British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. It transpires as an all-time truth, upheld by many around the world. Sarawakians, no doubt, are... more »
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