Chasing Chinese Yuan

  Malaysia and China share a long history of trade dating back to antiquity when the famous navigator of the Ming Dynasty, Admiral Cheng Ho, first set foot in Malacca. In the time that followed the Admiral’s arrival, merchants from... more »

Mastering English in Kuching

Cheaper tuition fees, proximity to their home country and the high teaching standard are the reasons a growing community of Korean students are learning to master English at the English Language Academy in Kuching.

Energy gluttony wasting millions

IN the face of persistent economic volatility, Malaysians seem to be constantly tightening their fiscal purse strings even as costs of basic necessities soar ever higher with no end in sight. Under these current conditions, few people in their right... more »

History under the microscope

WESTERN historical narratives on the colonised, focusing specifically on the Dayak Ibans of Sarawak under the Brooke regime, are being scrutinised in a book by an academic from UiTM Sarawak in Kota Samarahan. Associate Prof Dr Bromeley Philip is shedding... more »
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