Pre-packaged by nature

THE golden package split open along the naturally forming seams revealing creamy white goodness packed with a nutritional punch. This fruit – the banana – was likely domesticated in South East or South Asia over 6,500 years ago. Its domestication... more »

Hot spring in a river

KUCHING: A hot spring kept secret for 250 years by early settlers in Annah Rais longhouse is open to the public. The early settlers regarded it as a holy place to seek blessings and cures for sickness. Annah Rais Hot... more »

Racing against time

With increasing demand and approval for perimeter surveys, the Limbang Land and Survey Department has to work double-time to beat the 2015 deadline

The wonder of the mulberry trees

AN acquaintance I met in church recently suggested I write about the mulberry plant. After some reflection, I would like to share about it this week. A tour of China reminded me of the possibilities of planting mulberry. In many... more »

The golden globe

THE morning sky streaked red, yellow and orange across the horizon reflecting onto the still blue water until the sky and the water appeared as one. The old wives saying, ‘red sky in morning, sailors take warning’, was out of... more »

Ting’s life in blooms

WHAT started out as a practical thought to decorate and add ambience to her late husband’s furniture showroom became, for retired teacher Ting Poh Ing, a passionate and relentless pursuit of a unique art form – an expression of the... more »
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