Joint war game to enhance military ties

THE Malaysian army and its Brunei counterpart recently completed a two-week joint military exercise – Malbru Setia Siri 10-2011 – with a commitment to hold future exercises for greater regional peace and harmony. More than 1,000 personnel from the 20th... more »

Savouring the taste of home

SARAWAKIANS are notoriously passionate about food. So it comes as little surprise that the Sarawak Eurasian Association (SEA) used their members’ shared love for good food to create the Legacy Cookbook which not only contains dozens of family recipes but... more »

Divine flowering and fruiting plants

DIANTHUS flower, which is also known as divine flower, has hundreds of hybrids. The word Dianthus is derived from the Greek words ‘dios’ – meaning god, and ‘anthous’, which means flower. Records show that the name Dianthus was first used... more »

Acrobats of the skies

THE acrobats of the skies, in their chase of the next meal, leave no rollercoaster-like flying moves undone. They loop, swirl, do figure eights and even figure 16s in their quest for food. Swifts and swiftlets, probably the fastest birds... more »

A soul-searching quest

IMAGINE walking down the streets being warmly greeted by strangers, neighbours getting together for a picnic in the front yard and children playing and running safely around the park and playground. Such a close-knit community can still be found in... more »
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