‘Mask-deka’ unmasked

AT FIRST GLANCE, she appears demure, her half-shuttered eyes softening the angular features chiselled across her light-skinned oval face framed by soft, dark brown fur, modestly motified earth-coloured fabric, and two iridescent abalone shells.

Growing orchids as a hobby

RECENTLY there was an international orchid exhibition which brought experts to Kuching. They also brought in all these lovely plants from various parts of Asia. These plants were raised beautifully through much tender care. This week, let’s get back to... more »

Toeing the Wallace line

I CONSIDER myself to be a fortunate man to inherit my grandmother’s teaching books. Born in Wales in 1872, Phoebe Thomas was a primary school teacher in 1897, teaching Geography from Dr Archibald Geikie’s text entitled ‘Elementary Lessons in Physical... more »

Real life approach to education

THE process of learning is not merely confined to the four walls of a classroom and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme at Fairview International School ensures the students are given a holistic education beyond the traditional classroom environment.

Do you have anxiety neurosis?

WHAT’s so hard about driving across a flyover or a bridge? To most of us, it’s a breeze. Yet, it can be intimidating the some people. They are afraid of losing control and crashing through the side barriers onto the... more »
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