Global partnership extended to end of 2013

A GLOBAL partnership on youth and the environment  that engages millions of young people worldwide — launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bayer            AG in 2004 — will be extended to      the end of 2013.

Helping the blind via ICT

HER fingers poised expectantly over the keyboard of her laptop, aslim, young lady with short, straight hair sits and waits, listening intently. Seated next to her, a young man begins to read in a clear voice from a thick school... more »

Blend of East and West

MALAYSIA is known to the world as the most diverse in culture and people. The contrasts — wooden houses to towering skyscrapers and traditional costumes to modern dressing — are some of the country’s unique attractions.

Principals in a pickle

WITH increased student pregnancies, secondary school principals are finding themselves in a tricky situation — trapped between the need to help and the possibility of sending out wrong signals.

Commonsense is the key

BY far the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the crib. Its walls must be solid and high enough to keep the child from rolling off the bed or through the railings. It should also not have... more »
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