Best of both worlds

Combining the positive aspects of traditional methods of learning such as problem-based teaching with the relatively new method of problem-based learning can lead to effective outcomes for both teachers and students

Keeping Penan children in school

A Rumah Arau (hostel) was set up to encourage Penan children to attend pre-school, prevent drop-outs and with the hope of producing the desired sustainability in their attendance rate.

The writer behind the politician

UNDER the light of a kerosene lamp, William Wong Tsap En typed a letter to his children, where, among other pieces of advice for them, particularly James, were love, hope, and maybe a father’s natural trepidation for their future.

Awesome Airbus

TO call an Airbus A380 a big plane is obviously an understatement. With a height of 24.1 metres, an overall length of 73 metres, and a wingspan of 79.8 metres, the world’s largest passenger aeroplane in history really does dwarf... more »
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